Glorianne Wittes
Say O (10"x8")Swirls (11"x14")The Score (12"x12")Wall-Street (16"x20")Alphabet Dance (12"x12")Amour Bleu (14"x11")Big Fish (14"x11")Iridescence (14"x11"Je T'aime (9"x12")Jole Afrique (16"x8")Just Say (12"x12")Kimono (15"x22")Ol' Blue Eyes (12"x9")Sara's Guitar (12"x12")Tie QuiltWhat's the AngleXAlphabetChinatownBlue ZoneComplementariesThe View from my WindowSturm und DrangInflammatoryCompletely DifferentRed SunHolocaust JacketsBlack GoldFragilitySarahShall we DanceLittle BooksThe Snake and EyeRings and More RingsRed TreeDown in the ValleyWritten in the LeavesGuitarDragonflyBig LStill a Still LifeAngry ChickBlue CityBlue ExBrown StripesUnder Da SeaThe Young and the RestlessSpring has SprungPatinaThe Jester at PlayWindmillTowers of TaosEastern TownshipsEggFragilityRed and WhiteSun LadderColumbus and the GirlsHolocaust JacketsMatador
Art-making is as natural and necessary to my life as breathing. It enables me to follow my lifelong commitment to discovery -- adventuring into the unknown with excitement. I use all manner of tools and materials to express the ideas and values I honor -- and to explore the world around me. I work largely from my subconscious, placing intuition and spontaneity ahead of pre-planning a piece as to color, line, form and composition. I allow my piece to "grow itself" from my original concept as I select materials, paint, collage, layer, glaze, elaborate, reduce and strip. How do I know when a piece is done? I know it when my practiced eye and my heart confirms that I have been successful in expressing the theme and values that have generated it, and that it comes from together as a whole with a life of its own. Sometimes this realization happens immediately while at other times it can take months of contemplation before I am ready to say, "Done!"

Influences: Some of my work is purely abstract, but much of it is conceptual. In both cases it often expresses what I think and feel about social issues such as poverty, homelessness, and war. My preference is to express these things through ambiguity and metaphor. Living and traveling in several countries has enabled me to broaden my style and messages. My most recent and current work, limited by Parkinson's Disease, is reduced from large to small canvases (typically 12" x 12" or 16" x 20") and expressed largely through collage, in which cutting, tearing, and gluing take the place of larger gestural movements. Typically my work is very dense in composition, complex and colorful, and conveys joy, passion, high energy, or calm. I am reacting to the loss of my beloved husband and of my own dexterity, but I am still searching for and expressing joy in my life despite my losses and despite the troubling world in which we are living. Where there is joy, there is also passion and the urge to connect with others. So here I go, in one of life's greatest transitions, one step closer to my end, painting up a storm, mourning my losses and enjoying each day to the hilt. My hope is that viewers of my work will share my joy and my journey with me.